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Things Consumed - the Archive

Welcome to the archive of my long-running weblog, Things Consumed. I collected my thoughts on these pages from July 2002 through April 2010.

Browse the archive by month by following the links below, or browse by tag for entries after April 2007 by following the 'tags index' lower on this page. Each monthly archive file contains a month of posts (one to many), and the most recent entry is always near the top of the page.

These pages were written before both SSL and mobile device responsiveness standards came into existence: this means that not all of the content can be "secure" or responsive by current standards. I will NOT be updating these pages: if you are on a device, you may use the device's native "reader mode" to make the pages easier to navigate.

Likewise, some of the links are surely broken, if only because content from back in the day may have moved or has been deleted. I won't be able to find it for you, but if you are desperate, I suggest collecting the broken links that interest you, and trying out The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine (archive.org/web) to try to obtain the old content.

If you came for the food, please note that there is a partial recipe index on my Food page.


July 2002. Hello world, curry cookbooks, Yosemite reports, places to eat in San Bruno, enthusiasm about Ethiopia, and links on many topics.
August 2002. Bidding San Bruno goodbye, biking and cookbook reports, weak science, cultural differences, orchids, links to images of teahouses, and a list of easy foods to bring to parties.
September 2002. Autumn arrives, US avoidance of the ICC, automobile fatalities, orchid and garden links, and radiation releases in Fukushima and elsewhere in Japan causing concerns about the nuclear industry.
October 2002. Toad in a hole, dead salmon delivery to the Interior Department, 10th anniversary Critical Mass, culture report, GMO labeling rant, Katzen's remorse, stuffed pasta shells, roasted squash and tomato soup, fruit irradiation, and pomegranate love.
November 2002. Falsified safety reports for the nuclear industry in Japan, reading about Bhutan, Fatal Harvest, Oscar Wilde describes ducks, water subsidies, spaghetti squash casserole, tea and coziness and cold remedies, bath joys, and Big Basin.
December 2002. Children concerned about white people with syphilis, regime change scorecard, holiday menu planning, food joy, Winterfest, slavery reparations, Lord of the Rings two sentence review, mice working on robot, puppet goes confrontational, and photo links.


January 2003. A new year, Bush defunds reports on layoffs, observing the seasons, environmental damage, Green heads the SF Board of Supervisors, seed lust, drugs more lucrative than therapy, biking, Georgia catches up on sex, peace marches with helicopter, 52 quiz answers, Roe birthday, enchilada recipes, and tea love.
February 2003. Tortilla recipes, peace marches, crepe recipes, home fried potatoes, the Onion, orchids, Nigel Slater's annual fruit consumption tallied, my two diet modes, food at Google, and green pea and barley soup.
March 2003. Artichokes, fruit irradiation, sugar intake and diabetes, biking to Calistoga, places to eat in Calistoga, and war harms my appetite.
April 2003. Blue cornbread, chili, pear pie, seeds, trouble posting blog entries.
May 2003. Mango martini, Vancouver trip report (including restaurants), This Cold Heaven, kivioq, and pizza.
June 2003. Getting Enough to Eat During a Bush Economy, pear pie controversy, peach pie recipe, recipe links, GMO food politics, taking popsicles from strangers, and CSA box contents.
July 2003. People who are maladjusted about food, potatoes and greens beans in pesto sauce, spice cabinet contents, and easy recipes utilizing prepared sauces.
August 2003. All manner of food reports.
September 2003. News links, WTO, Calaveras Big Trees, claims on the invention of lasagna, and organic foods.
October 2003. Freezing food, midwestern cookbooks, baked goods, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, squash recipe links.
November 2003. Beautiful Halloween Critical Mass, guacamole and enchilada sauce recipes, vegan lasagna, Matt Gonzales for Mayor.
December 2003. Let's blame Nader, Our City, holidays, Muni Loves You.


January 2004. Mad cow, Sea Ranch, architecture photo links, reading, aquaculture, SOTU drinking games, and media.
February 2004. Hard liquor, mutant chicken, the one American morality tale that all movies use, and photography books.
March 2004. Atkins makes you (fools) crabby, personalized tabasco, garden show, and rosemary pasta sauce.
April 2004. Henry Coe, bad mascots, travel photo links, and Rebuilding Together.
May 2004. Giving notice at work (and not becoming a dominatrix), recipes, remote Copenhagen report, dairy products (including) wasabi ice cream, and olive oil.
June 2004. Ten minute cooking school, last day a the law firm, flat foods, my entire recent collection of amusing links, American Southwest road trip report, eating in the library and at the Asian Art Museum, and cheese art.
July 2004. Cookbooks, sadness at the (sad) zoo, the French are thinner because they eat less, sushi night, and recipes.
August 2004. Emigrant Wilderness, Yosemite, Berkeley food, cookbooks, imperialism for good, and Berlin bear bikes.
September 2004. Camping, recipes, nasty politics, heart bikes, and a "pantry raid."
October 2004. French school dinners, family food histories, large trees, overloading at the grocery store, and a fish on a bicycle.
November 2004. Disenfranchisement, election machine disasters, the lesser obstacle, Green Festival report, and NaNoWriMo success.
December 2004. Far northern California, inventories of my parents' food, and happy holidays.


January 2005. Food obsession, Unforgivable Blackness, fun in the dark, Roe's 32nd birthday event report, and letters to the editor.
February 2005. Non-lethal (but sketchy) force, Mrs. P's recipe box indexed, and lasagna.
March 2005. Recipes, Sorry Everybody, toned cyanotypes, and Dabbawallas.
April 2005. Yosemite and biking, but no frog cocktails.
May 2005. Hiking, biking, fitness, gum bichromate prints, and farmers markets.
June 2005. Star Wars marathons and 'the woman problem,' gum prints, Alternativephotography.com, Yosemite valley services, SFMoMA, and exploding blenders.
July 2005. List of banned books, reading about Finland, Pride, fresh oregano, sabbatical's end, and apples.
August 2005. Unspeakable food horrors, Tour de Fat, Teflon vs. canaries, dairies also produce greenhouse gases, horse beans, and meat-related words for wasted spending.
September 2005. Hurricane Katrina, exploding Nazi chocolate, and faith in the east bay's existence.
October 2005. What ice cream should contain, alternative photographic processes, bird flu, pumpkin foods, Halloween report.
November 2005. NaNoWriMo!
December 2005. Learning that I'm allergic to Claritin, persimmon bread, and work.


One. Enchilada recipes, interviews: Unlike Mom Used to Make parts 1 - 5, and going Lomo.
Two. Travel, fisheye lenses, Lomo cameras, and vandyke brown prints.
Three. Hail-to-snow storm in the Ingleside, fisheye lens images, and food interview with my Mom.
Four. Sushi night, passing of my paternal grandfather, Experiments in Incompatible Emulsions, leak at Japanese nuclear plant, and places to eat on the north side of Potrero Hill.
Five. Desert parks, infrared, shopping lists, lies about the deYoung garage, and kill your browser.
Six. Chocolate, saag, and Sonoma.
Seven Website updates, fireworks, and magic cheese?
Eight. Desolation Wilderness, food sickness, toy SUVs, food labeling laws, and supermarkets.
Nine. Deep ice, chocolate, appearing in my second book published this year, and blogging break.
Ten. Post-tree planting recipe and Halloween report.
Eleven. Election, my art appears in another book, NaNoWriMo again!
Twelve. Pie, food safety, holidays, cloned food animals, dosas, and unreliable voting machines.


January 2007. WHO reports meat-cancer link, Sacramento trip, animals as biofactories, and DSL failure.
February 2007. Dietary guidelines gone wrong.
March 2007. DSL failure, no content.
April 2007. My father's family dinner traditions, Polish food, and raw food.
May 2007. Durian humor, commuting, Asian greens, and fracturing my arm.
June 2007. Arm fracture report and fresh lychees.
July 2007. Jay Kullman's new book, Tuolumne Meadows, ferrotypes, photogravures, and tomatoes.
August 2007. Farmers' market, arm brace comes off, autumn foods, and my return to biking.
September 2007. Ferrotypes (tintypes), warnings our bodies give us about our diet, tea, photocopiers, food interview with my maternal grandmother, 7th Annual Bicycle Film Festival, and biking around the City.
October 2007. Overeating, fall nostalgia, Halloween.
November 2007. Pie, Thanksgiving, and NaNoWriMo.
December 2007. Illness, appreciating San Francisco, restaurants I miss, failed youthful male seduction plans, and the passing of my maternal grandfather.


January 2008. Smoking Popes, new cyanotypes and other photos, bread, teaism, my first cell phone, and disembodied digital music.
February 2008. Snow Crash, "High tech for me," tea, and modern art.
March 2008. Make him come...to the show, things I still cannot taste, signed up for Facebook, inappropriate skateboard commentary, my W Hotel Unscene art show, Easter garden report, and tumor size comparisons.
April 2008. Unscene, insomnia, photography portfolio updates, unfun concerts, new articles, and Love is the Answer.
May 2008. Winning Unscene, strip club, Japanese soft drinks of 1992, Bike to Work Day, talking to strangers about lemongrass, my mother's successful surgery, and 1992 Japan travelogue posted.
June 2008. Visiting my mother, lupins, sake, IVF romance, and evolutionary sarcasm.
July 2008. Frank Black, untitled, bees, snowclones, and bicycle film festival.
August 2008. Olympic-mummy cross promotions, showing of Since You've Been Ong, zombie flash mob, Twitter, and dulling my humor.
September 2008. Meat consumption contributes to global warming, food at the Olympics, killing me singing, Venetian Snares discography, people who make me feel normal, and professions listed in obituaries.
October 2008. Cancer.gov shows meat-cancer links, kimono dress up service, Pattern Recognition, survivor's bonds, vote blocking, and Gloomy Bear.
November 2008. Robots, penguins, and Jack-O-lanterns.
December 2008. Remarkable (but not necessarily good) trip to Japan, daikon, curried cauliflower soup, my transit system Tweets, and a family photo.


January 2009. Cafes of which I am fond, and... stuff.
February 2009. Post-breakup recovery, benevolent overlord job search, bands I have seen live, and hippo fat.
March 2009. CalAcademy Nightlife, Addendum 1 to bands I have seen live, enchilada sauce, the American dream, and a bike cozy.
April 2009. Art and society, good books, the Onion, and please order now.
May 2009. Griping about health problems you are currently causing yourself, peaches, beans, paper, an unfortunate home invasion incident represented in poetry, and tea.
June 2009. Coffee, chili hand grenades, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, and homemade camera success.
July 2009. Vegan food, pictures of shallow fried veggies, book stores, Fake Steve, surveillance and how you are helping, Stanislaus (my latest book project), and Avedon.
August 2009. Vegan restaurants, austerity plans, mail art, Whole Foods vs. ObamaCare, and World War Z.
September 2009. Moby, adorable squid, bird bandwidth, Truckfighters, and warning label generator.
October 2009. Robot army needed, architecture in films, apps, nitrate of potassa, getting sent down in China, and flat pasta.
November 2009. No DSL, pumpkin cookies and profanity, soba dip, and Thanksgiving feast menu.
December 2009. Digital music, divine food, Bartok's sonata for robots, and the Cartoon Art Museum.


January 2010. Cottage industries, kim chee, hatred for my ISP, social planning, Large Apple report.
February 2010. Guided crafts and go veg.
March 2010. Chile quake, satellite links, environmental impact of food choices, mail art, Internet uses, squirrel pie, absurd comparisons.
April 2010. Aftershocks and snippy Shakespeare.

Tags used from April 2007 onward

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Disclaimer: This is an archive, I'm not going to seek out updated links, which may or may not exist. Just roll with it.

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